“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5

God continues to use Paul David Tripp to draw out the purposes in my heart and expose me to the gospel of grace. So far, this is the best devotional I’ve ever gone through. If you know one thing about Paul David Tripp, you know that he has a phenomenal mustache. But if you know two things about him, it’s that besides his mastery of the stache, he’s also a master of understanding the human heart and applying the gospel to your pain, selfishness, and lackluster. 

No, that’s not Commissioner Gordon. 

  New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional  is a daily reminder to orient your thoughts on Christ.  

Tripp got the content for this 365 day devotional from his morning tweets. That’s right, without twitter, this book would not exist. I think that’s hilarious. But listen to Tripp in his own words, 

Each morning, I ‘tweet’ three gospel thoughts. That is, I post three brief thoughts about the Christian faith on the social media site Twitter. My goal is to confront and comfort people with the life-rattling truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want people to see that the grace of the gospel is not so much about changing the religious aspect of their lives, but about everything in life that defines, identifies, and motivates them. I am calling people to see the gospel as a window through which they are to look at everything in life.

I love the way Tripp writes, each sentence is pregnant with gospel truth. You can tell he has deep theological training, and you can pick out certain concepts like the creator/creature distinction if you’re looking for it, but he doesn’t beat you over the head with his knowledge. “Worship is not something we do only in formal religious settings once a week. God designed us to be worshippers. Everything we do is the product of worship. We are always giving our hearts to something, and if it’s not God, it’s something God created.” (January 22nd). 

 This work is utterly practical and Tripp touches the heart of the matter with precision and care but he definitely doesn’t pull his punches. “You and I don’t need to be rescued only from the idols around us. No, we need to be rescued from our idolatrous hearts.” Blam! 

This devotional is useful for those in full-time ministry and laymen alike. I’ve been continually impressed by his ability to speak truth in love without truncating the gospel or teetering off into me centeredness. The subtitle, “A Daily Gospel Devotional”, hits the nail on the head. This book is a daily reminder of the good news. Tripp contextualizes the gospel in a way that’s both intriguing and informative. He constantly reminds the reader of God’s sovereignty and the practical applications that can give us hope and peace, here and now, today! But he also warns of the destruction that comes when we don’t think rightly about God. 

Honestly facing your lack of sovereignty over your own life produces either anxiety or relief. Anxiety is God-forgetting. It is the result of thinking that life is on your shoulders, that it is your job to figure it all out and keep things in order. It’s worrisome to think that your job in life is to work yourself into enough control over people, locations, and situations that you can rest assured that you will get what you think you need and accomplish what you think you need to accomplish. If you fall into this way of thinking, your life will be burdened with worry and your heart will be filled with dread. (March 13th). 

I was never big into daily devos because I’d always forget to read them and then I’d just quit. But now that I’m going through New Morning Mercies, I’m excited to wake up and preach the gospel to myself though Tripp’s work each morning. It’s also a great way to get into your Bible more, as he includes verses at the bottom of the page for further study. 

I commend this book to anyone who needs to hear the gospel anew every day. 

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