Well you may have missed the Ron Paul revolution but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn what he’s all about.  The Revolution: A Manifesto, though written allll the way back in 2008, continues to be a breath of fresh air. Ron Paul is a man of principle and that principle’s name is Liberty. The guy loves it, and we should too! 

Republicans and Democrats go back and forth on policy, social programs and all sorts of solutions to our problems, but Ron Paul notes that all their solutions are still on the same plane, more and more government. Paul would have us decentralize the Government and give more liberty to the American people. Crazy, I know..

Reading this book is bitter sweet, sweet because it’s so refreshing to read someone who wants to scale back this gigantic government and go back to our founding documents, bitter in that it doesn’t seem like a man of Liberty will every be elected President. 

Every election cycle we are treated to candidates who promise us “change”, and 2008 has been no different. But in the American political lexicon, “change” always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power. 

Real Change would mean something like the opposite of those things. It might even involve following our Constitution. And that’s the one option Americans are never permitted to hear. 

Man! That’s so frustrating. I just want this dude to be President 😦 

Dr. Paul talks about the political show, where both parties pretend to be radically different but in reality they both want the same thing, more power and more government. If they didn’t have so much power, perhaps we wouldn’t be at each other’s throats, scrambling to turn the government gun on our political foes. 

 He also discusses our modern foreign policy and that of our Founding Fathers. Ron Paul is continually called an isolationist, despite addressing that charge again and again, 

Anyone who advocates the noninterventionist foreign policy of the Founding Fathers can expert to be derided as an isolationist. I myself have never been an isolationist. I favor the very opposite of isolation: diplomacy, free trade, and freedom of travel. The real isolationists are those who impost sanctions and embargoes on countries and people across the globe because they disagree with the internal and foreign policies of their leaders. The real isolationists are those who choose to use force overseas to promote democracy, rather than seeking to change through diplomacy, engagement, and by setting a positive example. The real isolationists are those who isolate their country in the court of world opinion by pursuing needless belligerence and war that have nothing to do with legitimate national security concerns. 

Ron Paul is tricky to categorize. He could be called Libertarian because of his views on drugs and small government, but he’s pro-life. He’s a Christian, but he wants the government out of marriage all together. He hates our foreign policy and addresses the fact that we have an extremely brutal and tattered past (and even present) but he doesn’t move into the social justice leftism of the Howard Zinn crowd, rather he pushes us back to the constitution to live up to our calling. 

He’s not a nationalist but he is a patriot. He’s the kind of Libertarian I wish Libertarians were like today. Liberty for all people, even the unborn people.

This is an awesome book, informative, horrifying, and compelling. He even includes a reading list for a free and prosperous America as an appendix.

I commend this book for every American. If more people are exposed to Ron Paul’s philosophy maybe we wont end up with another garbage fest like the 2016 election. 

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