What’s Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions Is an incredibly unique evangelism/apologetical/personal contemplation tool. Yes, it’s a book, but it’s not like other books you’ve read before, except maybe in your childhood. Dr. James Anderson has developed this book to be an interactive worldview guide, in the same style as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. What’s a Choose Your Own Adventure book? Anderson explains, 

The basic idea behind them is ingenious. Rather than telling a story from a traditional third-person perspective, with a linear storyline and a pre-determined ending, a CYOA book has an “interactive storyline” in which the reader acts as the main character and determines the plot by making decisions at key points. CYOA books are something’s called “game books” because reading one is like playing a game. Each book has many possible endings- some happy, some not so happy- but the outcome always depends crucially on your choices.

Well, what’s a worldview? 

… a worldview is an overall view of the world. It’s not a physical view of the world, like the sight of planet Earth you get from an orbiting space station. Rather, it’s a philosophical view of the world- and not just of our planet, but of all of reality. A worldview is an all-encompassing perspective on everything that exists and matters to us.
 Your worldview represents your most fundamental beliefs and assumptions about the universe you inhabit. It reflects how you would answer the “big questions” of human existence, the fundamental questions we ask about life, the universe and everything.

This book helps the reader take their worldview to it’s logical conclusions by answering various questions. “If you answer yes to this question move on to this page, if you answer no then move on to that page” kind of thing. 

It’s contents are broken down into three parts. Part I are introductory questions to get the reader started. “Do you have the power to make free choices?”, “Is there any objective truth?” “Is anything objectively good or bad?”, “Is there a God?” Etc. 

Part II brings the reader into contact with five different worldview categories: Atheist Worldviews, Theist Worldviews, Quasi-Theist Worldviews, Finite Worldviews, and Non-Christian Theist Worldveiws. 

 Part III brings you to the conclusion, your own worldview. There are twenty one options for you to arrive at, each with a two page summary. Now two pages seems like a tiny amount of space to cover someone’s worldview, but Dr. James Anderson is a tremendous philosopher and though this book is small, he’s crammed a ton of detail into every sentence.  

I’ve included Perspective Cards in the cover picture because I’ve found these two resources to work in unison. Perspective Cards are an evangelistic tool used to compare and contrast your Christian worldview with that of your interlocutor. These cards are phenomenal. Both of your worldviews are laid out in front of you and you can ask them questions like, “how did you come to believe that?”, and “does your view of human nature make sense with your view of God?”. It’s a great way to challenge the presuppositions of people you wish to share the gospel with, while at the same time showing the cogency, clarity, and persuasiveness of the Christian worldview. 

For the evangelist, What’s Your Worldview can be used to sharpen your understanding of Christianity as well as study some of the worldviews of people you want to witness to. I’ve used it to prepare for my conversations on campus when I use my Perspective Cards. Once you go through the Perspective Cards with someone, you can give them a copy of What’s Your Worldview? for them to review when they get home. They compliment each other really nicely. We used these two in conjunction with eachother while I was in Puerto Rico, our students absolutely loved them and found them both really helpful and easy to use. 

I commend both these tools to people who are looking to share their faith. 

You can get your set of Perspective Cards Here

And pick up a copy or two of What’s Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions Here to support my book reviews. It’s very reasonably priced (Like $7).